The Smallest Things

Today I went blueberry picking for the first time of the season, and the experience was incredible. As I was picking blueberries, I realized the beauty of God’s creation in all things.

You see, a blueberry is just a small part of our world. In the universe, it’s a simple tiny blue speck. God is magical in his ways, because the delight you get from one bite, amazing!

God put immense effort into the smallest things in life. Something as simple as a blueberry was created with so much Grace and Love, it’s unimaginable! If the Lord put all of that effort into a creation as small as a blueberry, imagine the work He put into making YOU!

The Lord LOVES you. Do not forget your worth, because you aren’t just a tiny blue speck in the universe, you are a wonderful being made from love.




it felt like
a wrecking ball
was released above me
and was
at my fragile figure
and i was frozen

so fearful
and confused
on where to
and go

so i just stood there
and took the blow
and let it kill me
from the inside out



Have you ever deeply glanced
At the mesmerizing
That floats ever-so


You’re familiar with
That lovestruck daze
Of wonder,
And silence.

We all know it too well.


I have two universes
That witness my astonished gaze.
For one lingers above my spirit,
Hanging stars and constellations

And the other is
Extraterrestrial love,
For it encapsulates
My heart
With as much power,
As the solar system itself.


Tested Faith is True Faith

Recently, I’ve began a lifelong change that I am grateful for.

For months I had a calling from God to dig deeper into faith and strengthen my relationship with Him. Finally, I took the initiative that was stirring inside me, and bought a bible, a study journal, and some highlighters.

From that moment my relationship with Christ prospered for He persistently tugged at me to find Him, and I had.

My journey with Christ was tested today, and a good friend told me that “It is easy to believe in God when life is easy and you do not try to find Him. However, when you do find Him, life gets momentarily difficult because the Lord tests to see if you truly do have faith in all that He is.”

This quote was applicable to my life as my car broke down in the parking lot of a Christian church.

Growing up Roman Catholic, my father was adamant that Catholic was all that I was and would be. My mother on the other hand, knew I had been dipping my toes into Christian worship and beliefs, and she was glad I went out to find my true faith. Still, I could not find the courage to tell my father.

That all changed today.

After I had broken down, I had no choice but to call my father for help. I had to tell him. I was scared, but just the same, I was relieved.

God made it evident that, if I was not going to tell my father, He would. As my faith was tested, I now understand that the Lord picks his best soldiers to face the hardest challenges. It is important that even when you feel like the Lord is against you, He is with you and has you in His best interest. “Fear not, for I am with you” Isaiah 41:10.


I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my absence these past few months, I had a lot going on in my life and with college included, blogging was difficult to incorporate into my schedule. I was also suffering from writers block for a little while, and lacked motivation to write.

However, I am back! I’m so excited to start creating and posting again. I hope you all are well!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!