The Lord

you are a light.
not the harsh,
eye-squinting kind,

you are a soft,
glowing luminescence.
an aura of yellow,
of sunny rays.

you are warming,
filled with joy.
a radiance so bright,
encased in iridescence.



I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my absence these past few months, I had a lot going on in my life and with college included, blogging was difficult to incorporate into my schedule. I was also suffering from writers block for a little while, and lacked motivation to write.

However, I am back! I’m so excited to start creating and posting again. I hope you all are well!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



I reflect to being a kid
When the bounce of a crystal clear orb
Off a slippery soapy wand
Exhilarated one’s soul.

The poise and wonder
Of a creation so simple
Never failed to amaze us all
And bring forth such happiness.

Those jumpstarted smiles
And eruptions of heart-warmed giggles
Were the oh-so-perfect moments
That made childhood so grand.

Dear I hope you can now see
He crafted thee with such grace
For you remind me of the good times
The bubble that floated into my heart.



This must be hell
‘Cause I’m burning over you
An epitome of suffering
That didn’t seem likely

But maybe the fire will cease
And the damage will be done
The pain and hurt
Will no longer persist

Or rather I’ll be deceived
And a fool I will make of myself
The stupidity and idiocy
Of getting too close to a flame