A touch of your gliding hand
Left a trace
Of everlasting seeds
That s p r i n k l e d along my skin.

How your kisses budded
In my soul.
The wet lips of passion
That flourished a garden.

The roots twisted
And strangled my veins.
The dying scent
Of a thousand petals
Smothered my lungs.

Your love became pain
And I was entwined,
Snagged by the thorns.

My heart broke
From beating
To pu s h and p u ⠀⠀s ⠀⠀ h
Your existence out of my

Can’t you see
That Love is flawed?

For it blossoms and thrives
With uncontrollable growth
That eats the soul away.

Thy body now a wilted rose,
A host of your parasitic lie
That you proclaimed
Was Love.



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