Sparking up Poems for the New Year

Hello everyone!

With the upcoming New Year I have decided to not only post my poetry, but also start posting small previews of my life as well as poetry prompts, contests, and composing aid for all of my followers and viewers!

Today I am here to help those interested in composing their own poetry. There is a common misconception that poetry must be full of feeling and immense imagery however, I believe the art of poetry can be so simplistic and straightforward that usually, no thought is required!

how do you compose poetry?

Below I have listed various tips that I use to help me when I am having writers block or just want to spark up a poem!

1.) Close your eyes and write any word that pops up in your head.
I find that when I just type a few words and phrases, there is a common theme that your mind is circling around. From then on, your mind makes the magic spark!

2.) Use a rhyme engine to help with rhyming.
While poems do not need to rhyme, if you have started constructing a poem that has rhyming and you have trouble with a last few lines, feel free to simply Google search, what rhymes with …? and a plethora of options will be revealed!

As writers creating work is a big priority. When writers block strikes, it is crucial to resist the urge of forcing work. I find that when I have difficulty constructing a poem and I force out lines, the work does not please me and is not the strongest quality. Instead, allow a certain situation, feeling, or even other work to get the wheels turning in your head! As soon as you feel a certain way, quickly write down the feeling or how the situation made you feel.

4.) Research different styles.
There are so many styles of poetry. Maybe you love to rhyme, or perhaps you tend to be a lengthy writer. Regardless, there is a style for you! Do not be afraid to read the poetry of others and get a feel for what genre of poetry attracts you the most. Once you discover a style that is best for you, your fingers will do the rest!

Thank you for viewing my tips list, and I wish you all the utmost luck!

Happy writing!



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