Turn Those Wants into Wills

Hello all!

Now that we all walked through the first few days of 2018 I would like to discuss what my goals for 2018 are. I hope that I can inspire some of you to take note of some personal wishes you truly want to complete for this upcoming year.

1.) Eat Healthier and Monitor Eating Habits
With the delicacies of chocolate and other sugary sweets, it has always been difficult for me to intake the right nutrients every day. As a fellow gym-goer, I notice that while I may look healthy, my personal nutrition lacked, making me feel unhealthy. It is important to know that it is not only important to have good physical health, but personal and mental health as well. Thus, for 2018 I will try my best to eat healthier and focus on improving my self-confidence.

2.) Become Proficient in Polish
This may seem like an unusual goal, but a fun fact about me is that I love Polish and Poland! While I am actually not Polish at all, my close friends are and I would say I am fairly invested in the culture. In fact, I will be flying to Poland this summer! That being said, I want to get better at speaking the language so I can be prepared for a whirlwind of conversation!

3.) Self-Publish a Poem/Poetry Book
Those of you that follow my blog (thank you so much) know that I have an immense passion for poetry. For 2018, I aim to self-publish my work after a lot of researching and dedication! I even got a typewriter to make my worth more authentic and be a bit more traditional.

That is all for my main goals of 2018! What are some of yours? Comment what you all aim to complete for the upcoming new year.

WESOŁEGO NOWEGO ROKU! (Happy New Year in Polish)



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