The name “tihpsy” was created during a time of contorted reality. At one point I was unaware of the circumstances and world I was living in. My body and all of my reality was unfathomable.

My passion for writing sparked at age 6, where in elementary school my peers and I were granted the opportunity to write and “print” our own books. I was thrilled and put hours of work towards bringing my imagination to paper.

Now, at age 18 the stories of a little girl’s princesses and prince charmings have transformed into an unnerving reality of rotten pumpkins, disheartening princes, and plentiful encounters with witches.


any great fairytale must have a happily ever after.

Fairytales are flawed in the aspect that they begin with the bad, and end with the good.


this princess has progressed in life from the good, to the bad, to the worse, to the best.

Welcome to her story.